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If you're in the market for a new charger, look no further than the Ohme Home Pro. This upgraded version of the Ohme Intelligent Wall Charger is the epitome of smart technology, offering advanced features and a low starting price point. Whether you're a tech-savvy individual or simply want to make your life easier, the Ohme Home Pro is the charger for you.

What's New With the Ohme Home Pro?

The Ohme Home Pro is the latest and greatest in charger technology, offering significant improvements over the previous model. With its smart tariff integration, you'll never have to worry about paying too much for your electricity again. Additionally, its low starting price point makes it an affordable option for those on a budget. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current charger or simply want a smarter solution, the Ohme Home Pro is the way to go.

Look and Feel

This discreet charger boasts a large LCD screen, elevating its visual appeal and increasing its functionality. The interactive screen makes for simpler navigation of the charger's display and the ability to control the device from the screen or through the app. 

Choose your charging schedule and target with ease and enjoy the added convenience of controlling your charging process.

Not only has the design improved, but the Ohme Home Pro has also retained the best features of the previous model, such as smart tariff integration. This innovative technology calculates the best times to charge your vehicle, ensuring that you get the most cost-efficient or eco-friendly charge possible. And, at just £980, the Ohme Home Pro remains one of the most affordable chargers on the market. Get ready to save money and upgrade your home charging experience with the Ohme Home Pro Charger.

Technical Specs

The Ohme Home Pro has received numerous technical upgrades to make it even more appealing to consumers. One of the standout features is its built-in load balancing. This is crucial when it comes to installing an EV home charger as it ensures that the load from the charger, combined with your household electricity usage, doesn't exceed the supply capacity to your property. With the Ohme Home Pro, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that its amp usage will be automatically limited to keep it below the maximum capacity available. To learn more about amp capacity and load balancing, check out our in-depth blog post.

An exciting improvement to the Ohme Home Pro is the inclusion of built-in O-Pen protection. 

Previously, an earth rod was necessary for safe use of the charger in most properties. However, the new Ohme Home Pro can be installed without an earth rod, reducing the risk of hitting buried services and providing a cleaner, more streamlined install. This might not seem like a major change to some, but it's a valuable addition to the already impressive Ohme charger.

How Easy is the Ohme Home Pro to install?

The Ohme Home Pro is a relatively straightforward charge point to install. The charge point itself has all the required protection built in including O-Pen protection and a Type A RCD. This means that on many installations the unit can be supplied from an existing consumer unit (provided it meets the relevant regulations). 

Wiring up the Ohme Home Pro is straightforward. The unit comes with a 1m long ‘fly lead’ which is normally terminated in a small junction box close to the charge point location. This does mean on most installs that another small black box is required on the wall next to the charger (they are about the size of a beer mat so aren’t too obtrusive. 

Commissioning the charge point is easy - the installer just needs to set complete some configuration including setting the max current and confirming any Load Management set up needed but that is it. The unit quickly re-boots when in installer mode which makes the electrical testing a dream. 

Ohme Home Pro Screen

The charger has an innovative 3” LCD screen, which allows you to control the charging process and adjust settings with ease. The screen is always on, but can be dimmed, and will come alive with a tap of the screen or buttons.

The front of the device features three solid light blue buttons that navigate through menus and settings, and have a satisfying click to them. The default display provides valuable information such as the amount of power left in a car, the charging goal, time to target, charging speed, time, and charging mode (Smart Charging). Additionally, the front of the device features two LED status bars that display animations for different statuses, errors, and information.

With the touch-sensitive button, you can even display the charger's serial number with a double-tap. However, the Ohme Home Pro doesn't have any solar integration, so if you're looking to charge your car solely with solar power, this may not be the right fit for you. But, this lack of feature shouldn't deter you from considering the Ohme Home Pro as the ultimate home charger with its innovative screen, solid buttons, and informative LED status bars.

The Importance of Load Balancing in the Ohme Home Pro Charger

The Ohme Home Pro Charger is designed to keep your home's electric system safe with its standard load balancing feature. Most homes have a maximum load-bearing capacity of 60 amps, 80 amps, or 100 amps, but the Ohme Home Pro operates at 32 amps, which helps to prevent an overload, especially when you have multiple chargers plugged in.

How Quickly Can You Charge with the Ohme Home Pro?

With a 7.4kWh battery, you can expect up to 30 miles of range per hour on single-phase power. This makes charging with the Ohme Home Pro as fast as it gets. Just remember to preheat the battery before starting the charging process.

Automatic Firmware and Software Upgrades

The Ohme Home Pro doesn't require an engineer for firmware and software upgrades. With automatic updates, you can be sure that your charger is always up-to-date with the latest releases from Ohme. The company is open to user feature suggestions, so you can make your voice heard.

Responsive Customer Support for Your Convenience

Ohme is known for its responsive customer service that is always available to answer any questions or concerns. If you have an issue, simply reach out to their support team via email or phone, and you will receive a prompt response. In my experience, I received a response within 72 hours of emailing their support team.

LED Status Lights and Touch-Sensitive Buttons

The Ohme Home Pro comes equipped with LED status lights and a touch-sensitive button that displays the charger's serial number with a double-tap. This makes it easy to monitor the charging process and access important information.

No Solar Integration

Please note that if you're looking for a charger that operates solely on solar power, the Ohme Home Pro may not be the right fit for you. It does not have any solar integration. However, this lack of feature should not be a deal-breaker for those who don't plan on using solar power to charge their vehicle.

In Summary

The new and improved Ohme Home Pro has taken charging to the next level. With its advanced features, like smart tariff integration, you'll enjoy effortless control over your charging while maintaining a sleek, stylish aesthetic. This upgraded charger has been designed to make your life easier, giving you peace of mind and a touch of luxury in one smart device. Whether you're at home or on the go, the Ohme Home Pro is the ultimate charging companion for the modern, tech-savvy individual. Get ready to experience the future of charging with the Ohme Home Pro.

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