Your electric car charger is a pretty powerful device using up to 32A of Current / 7Kw of Power (7000 Watts). That’s equivalent to 4 kettles, 10 washing machines or 60 LCD TVs. Even more important is the fact that your car charger is going to be in use for several hours at a time, whereas your kettle is only on for a few minutes at a time.

This means that it’s very important that the equipment that supplies the electricity to your home is capable of dealing with your property’s new electricity demand – this is known as ‘Maximum Demand’.

Most homes in the U.K. have either a 60Amp, 80Amp or 100Amp main fuse and, if the Maximum Demand after the install of the car charger is likely to be higher than 60Amps (even if you have a 100Amp main fuse), then we need permission from your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) before we can install your car charger. Sometimes this requires your DNO to upgrade the main fuse and associated cabling before your car charger can be installed. Depending on the exact work required by your DNO and which DNO covers your location there can be a small charge for this.

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